On the occasion of the visit of Dr. Nicholas A. Peppas (University of Texas at Austin, USA) to the University of La Laguna, the Department of Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Technology has the pleasure of organizing the Symposium «Advanced systems for a better future» that will held on May 15-16, 2019, in the «Aula de Grados» of the School of Pharmacy of the University of La Laguna (La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain).

The symposium is organized in a day and a half, combining academia and industry in the same event. Dr. Nicholas A. Peppas will give an invited talk about his research and three additional plenary lectures related to the drug delivery field. In addition, invited speakers will share with Dr. Peppas this event, adding different points of view about advanced systems and biomaterials. To complete this symposium there will be an space to industry with talks and demonstrations by the sponsoring companies.

Over the past 43 year, Dr. Peppas has set he fundamentals and rational design of drug delivery systems and developed models of drug and protein diffusion in controlled release devices and biological tissues. His work in biomaterials, drug delivery, regenerative medicine and bionanotechnology follows a multidisciplinary approach by blending modern molecular and cellular biology with engineering principles to design the next-generation of medical systems and devices for patient treatment.

Therefore, this a great opportunity to professors, researchers and students to meet a leading scientists in biomaterials, drug and protein delivery, molecular recognition, bionanotechnology and one of the most decorated engineers in the U.S.

This event is free. However, for organizational reasons, it is necessary to register. To do that, please send an email to eperezhe@ull.edu.es.

The Organizing Comiteee