Margarita Jambrina

I am a geologist (European PhD) specialized in geochemistry and isotopic biogeochemistry of Quaternary deposits. Assistant Professor /Lecturer at the Department of Animal Biology, Soil Science and Geology at the Faculty of Science (University of La Laguna). My research interests comprise long-term environmental change, palaeoclimate reconstructions in sensitive areas to Global Change and the study of human-climate interactions in the past using integrated archaeology and paleoclimatology data.

My main speciality is on sedimentological and geochemical proxies. I am interested in the novel approach based on molecular biomarkers (biomarker distribution and isotopic composition) and their potential for paleoenvironmental research, not only on lacustrine sedimentary sequences, which provide one of the best continuous high-resolution records of environmental changes, but also on archaeological sediments to understand human activities and behavioural responses to climate changes (e.g. the influence of abrupt climate changes in patterns of human occupation).

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