Natalia Égüez

Natalia Égüez is a Geo-archaeologist who studies past and current hunter-gatherer and pastoralist societies throughout the world. She obtained her PhD in Natural Sciences at the Chistian-Albrechts Universität Kiel (Germany). At AMBI Lab, Natalia uses a combination of soil micromorphology, lipid and isotopic biogeochemistry analyses on dung, plants and sediments, to investigate day-to-day life dynamics in nomadic campsites, animal-human interactions, seasonality, diet of domesticates and wild fauna, and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction. Her research contributes to ongoing discussions about the accurate detection of habitation sites and its related anthropic biomarkers, which are often difficult to identify in archaeological non-sedentary contexts. She has worked as a geoarchaeologist in several prehistoric sites in Africa, Europe and Central Asia, ranging from the Middle Palaeolitic to the Iron Age period.

Natalia Égüez’s CV

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