Francesc C. Conesa

I am a research fellow at the Landscape Archaeology Research Group, Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology, and I am an affiliated researcher at the AMBI LAB.  My research centres on the development of new multi-source remote sensing procedures, coupled with machine learning methods, that can help and eventually improve the detection, identification, mapping and quantification of features of archaeological interest.

My broad interests focus on the natural and anthropic relationships that define Cultural Landscapes, including aspects such as long-term ecological footprint, past land use and present-day endangered cultural heritage. I have conducted research and field explorations in a diverse range of archaeological contexts and ecological settings such as South Asia, the Mediterranean region, northern Africa and the Sahara, Central Asia and, more recently, Mongolia.

Here in Tenerife I mainly focus on large-scale landscape studies of aboriginal and early colonial contexts by combining GIS-based historical mapping, geospatial analysis and ground-truth surveys. By doing this, we integrate the AMBI Lab micro- level of observations with more regional patterns and narratives of past land use, anthropic impact and niche settlement distribution.

Francesc C. Conesa’s CV

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